It Is What It Is

by Bollywood Blondes

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released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Bollywood Blondes Wollongong, Australia

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Track Name: The Man Who Would Be King
Live by the bullet
You stand by your gun
Preach to the mothers
& They’ll preach to their sons

Duck & keep your head low
But still say mighty high
I’ll take what I need from you
And you’ll take it in stride

I know I’ve told you more than twice
And you’ll start to think it’s a sin
Wastin’ all your precious time
On a man who would be king

You call him a demon
But he came from up above
He whispered in the ears
Of all the filth & scum

You keep biding your time
Listening to what was said
I’ll keep spending all mine
Inside of some girl’s head
Track Name: The Sellout
She came to me with a look that
Said boy
I’ll run you down
How could I know that I had to
Believe her word
There were no maps and no directions
To get where we were going
I remember leaving
Knowing that I’d never return

Yes I’ll be there
Cleaning up your mess
But here comes the catch now
I’ll be selling you out
Before you can react now
You’ll be screamin’ and fussin’
As the law takes you back now
And I’ll be long gone
This is your sellout

The taste of her tongue
Had me fallin’
All over her
More than willing
To take that life
And to take her word
Everything that I was given
I grabbed by the throat
But sooner or later
Someone grabs yours
And that’s when you choke
Track Name: GRAVES
You can dance on my grave
When I’m long gone
If I leave you with a migraine
My job is done

State Schools, prisons
A state of mind
A turning loose of things
Leaves you to find

There’s no point in wasting
Time in this town
Start running with you hit the ground
Don’t stop
Till you get there
You’re burning light it’s precious as fuel
When you don’t know where the road takes you
Then you get there.

Watch for the spaces
Where you can hide
Who knows when it ends
For you or I?

They say don’t fear death
But fear for your life
Take your last breath
From the edge of a knife
Track Name: The Park (At The End Of The Street)
The Park at the end of the street
Never did enough to satisfy me
The Park at the end of the street
Never brought it all

They piled in Dirt by tonne
Over arm and under the sun
Oh man you went too hard
And the park it bought the farm

Build it up; knock it down
Moving pieces all around
I guess you thought that
This would last forever
Puzzle’s gotta finish soon
Come with me we’ll find some room
For you and I

Cash your cheques, make your friends
Fall out when the evening ends
Stumble down the dead end street and fly
Everything just makes her sad
I can see the teardrops
In her eye
Track Name: Oldest Child
That’s what you get cause you’re the oldest child
Missing memories and a broken smile

Take the oldest child put him in a corner
Blame the oldest child when he drops the ball yeah

That’s what you get you’ve got nothing to say now
With any luck you’ll be gone any day now

You’re on your way yeah your floating away now
Counting down the days till the dead of May now

That’s what you get cause you’re the oldest child
You’re the oldest child
Track Name: Ice In Her Veins
She’s got Ice in her veins
But her soul is on fire
She just won’t stay the same
And I watch her get higher
She’s got ice in her veins
Ice in her veins

Why draw the line at things that you won’t do?
Got mine, get yours with a free gift included
She cries and claims that it’s more than over
In time then begins the same old show yeah

The spark in her eye, well it lingers so briefly
Boys don’t cry
Well she’s making them liars
She drinks till she’s drowning
And all the boys love her
But she keeps her eye on me
Cause she knows that I love her

She left me on my own
Been waiting for days now
Bloody nose, broken toes
And I struggle to smile
The smoke fills a haze
And it’s building a craze now
I wish I could stay
But here comes the change